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Name:Automatic double-sided screen printing machine
Product Introduction

Usage: Suitable for double-panel, multi-layer board text and solder mask printing


1. This machine is a modular structure consisting of 2 printing machines and 1 flipper.

2. The printing machine adopts a four-column structure + Japan imported CCD alignment system to ensure that large-scale printing accuracy requirements are met.

3. The whole machine adopts 2 sets of CCD alignment systems. Each side of the machine is aligned once before printing to ensure the accuracy of printing on each side. Position deviation due to flap movement will not occur, and the first printing will not be damaged due to flap movement. surface.

4. The mainframe of the printing machine and the flapper are independently designed, simple and mature, and the operation is simple and flexible. It will not be difficult to maintain due to the complexity of the host.

5. The machine adopts imported components made in Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries to ensure that the machine is stable and durable to ensure longevity.

6. With dual off-grid board and frame displacement function.

7. With a special stencil degreasing function to choose from.

8. Quickly install a modular nail bed to save time on reloading and increase productivity.

9. Fully automatic operation: Feeding →Infeed→Position →Delivery station transfer→Printing →Delivery station transfer→Flacker→Into the second machine position →Sleeve into the nail bed&rarr ; Send Taiwan transfer → Printing → Send station transfer → Complete both sides printing.

Product Parameter:

Model Model


Table size


Max. printing area Max: printing size


Minimum print area


Thickness of printing Thickness


Alignment integration time

<1.5 seconds

Max frame size Max: frame size


Frame thickness


Screen cleaning height

Maximum 420mm

Table heights


Countertop table movement range

±5/±5/±1°  X/L/θ(mm/°)

Running platform reciprocal positioning accuracy


Squeegee press pressure


Applicable power Electricity


Total power


Working Air Pressure Manifold air Pressure


Air consumption

8 litres/turnaround

Mechanical Repeatability Mechanical Repeatability


Integration accuracy


Machine exterior 


Machine weight