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Name:Double table semi-automatic screen printing machine KM-ST 66
Product Introduction


Suitable for single-sided and multi-layer board soldering, circuit printing.

1. Double countertop replacement and utilization of neutral time to take and discharge the material can be more than half of the production capacity than the single tabletop model. The double table printing itself has the shift printing function. The printing instructions can be relieved by multiple times to ease the operator's working pressure and facilitate the timely processing of quality. abnormal.
2. The level of the table in and out, positioning accuracy in & plusmn; 0.01M (± 0.4MIL) less than the aperture 0.3MM unilateral increase in three points, repeated printing twice, no hole, no exposed tin ring, two groups of control type The safety protection device plus the emergency switch is highly safe, the screen horizontally moves up and down, and the ink is not biased.
3. The squeegee is equipped with a precision constant pressure device, and the ink thickness of the printed matter is set after printing pressure is set, and the fullness of the plug hole can be kept unchanged.
4. Scraper seat AC motor with multi-functional high torque output of the variable frequency drive, variable speed, combined with high torque timing belt and high precision linear slide, printing process is particularly stable, can engage in more precise printing jobs.
5. Multi-stage synchronous off-limiter, able to adapt to different viscosity inks, more easily overcome the stickiness problem caused by liquid green paint full-plate printing, 1:1 off limiter can effectively control back and forth scraping Print direction screen offset.
6. The device for scraping the ink depositing point can remove excess ink at the bottom of the screen at the same time as printing, replacing the action of scraping the ink with the old type of sheet, improving the work efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of employees.

Product Parameter:

Specification Model


Printing speed

0~620 mm/sec adjustable


Solder protection: Approx. 5 to 6 sides/minute (end point print) Approx. 7 to 8 sides/minute (free print)

Printing accuracy

0.02 mm (single repeat)

Screen size

MAX: Width 1000× Deep 1000mm (printing), 1000× 950 (Air Print)

Mesa horizontal accuracy

± 0.05 mm

Table reciprocation accuracy

± 0.05 mm

Upper table size

800 x 930 mm

Lower table size

800 x 800 mm (without suction function under countertop dimensions)

Power Supply

AC 220V, 380 V, 1.5PH, power consumption 1KW

Air pressure requirements

6~8kg/cm2, flow 30L/Min

Appearance size

L2300×W1400×H1650 mm

Machine weight