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Thank you very much for your warm attention to our zhongshan jinma printing machinery co., LTD.
First of all, on behalf of all the staff of zhongshan jinma printing machinery co., LTD., I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our new and old customers for their care, help and support!
Zhongshan daphne rose kingma printing machinery co., LTD is a young and mature, healthy and vibrant high-tech enterprises, since its inception, has been committed to make printing industry aircraft carrier, have elbowed, trials and hardships, after market, zhongshan daphne rose kingma machinery co., LTD. Is an increasingly China printing field in the superior technology and dynamic strong force.
In recent years development course, we are always adhering to the "take only as this, grow up together, achievement customer" the concept of "to do" respect ", "to those who have the ability to enough space", "to accomplish themselves enough return". In this learning organization, there is an equal, harmonious and harmonious corporate atmosphere, and different types of employees can find the environment and opportunity to exert their talents. The vast stage is built for aspiring and talented technical people. The rewards are reserved for resilient marketing pioneers. Respect, trust and responsibility provide a high degree of execution for management personnel. We are a team that thrives, innovates, and creates incredible perfection.
Enterprise management and culture are the cornerstone of enterprise development. We take the patriotism education, spirit and the cutting edge exemplary role of party branch of fighting forts, and affected employees develop dedicated style, make the enterprise to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion; We attach importance to the voice of employees. The members of the staff representative committee are democratically elected by employees. We attach importance to the humanized management model, and set up the team fighting and incentive mechanism. The benign competition drives the improvement of enterprise's technology content and added value.
Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect. Cold snap on the global financial crisis is still spreading, still KINGMA daphne rose KINGMA remains calm in the face of financial crisis, vigorously implement the strategy of talent strategy, brand strategy, strategy of science and technology, capital, work conscientiously, diligently study, efforts to innovation, hard skills, to greet the spring with the attitude of endeavour, full of infinite hope and confidence about the future.
Thinking determines the way out, innovation determines development, communication determines harmony, and details determine success or failure.
We believe and firmly believe that excellent technology, quality products, all-round service and unlimited innovation will make customers successful! The future of KINGMA jinma will also be a future of undertaking the mission of The Times and social responsibilities. A future that embodies a broad mind and great ambition! The future that an employee becomes a city and the enterprise struggles ceaselessly!